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Common Types of Divorce

Common Types of Divorce Cases in Fredericksburg

Divorce is a very personal issue, and every couple has a different divorce experience after separating. No two divorces are identical. That being said, most divorces start off with interpersonal problems that eventually lead to separation. Divorce can be caused by one or both of the married couple or by outside influences.

Let’s talk below about some of the different types of divorce cases in Fredericksburg – that is, reasons that couples get divorced.


Lack of Commitment

It’s probably not surprising that couples who aren’t committed to one another may have difficulty keeping their marriage together. It’s the number-one cause of divorce, according to an National Institutes of Health study, a study of divorced individuals indicate that the most often cited reasons for divorces were lack of commitment (75.0%), infidelity (59.6%), and too much conflict and arguing (57.7%), followed by marrying too young (45.1%), financial problems (36.7%), substance abuse (34.6%), and domestic violence (23.5%).

Of course, lack of commitment is a root cause of divorce that can lead to a host of other problems.


Along with lack of commitment, infidelity may quickly lead to a divorce for married couples. Some statistics support that  infidelity is very common; a TED Talks guest author on said that, according to studies, between 20 and 40 percent of heterosexual married men and 20 to 25 percent of heterosexual married women will have an extramarital affair. Learn more about adultery and divorce in Virginia.

Of course, for some couples, an affair may not be a marriage deal breaker. Some married couples may decide to fix their marriage after an affair happens. Others, though, may choose to separate and move on.


Too Much Conflict and Arguments

There is no set formula for what causes a divorce. When a you walked down the aisle, being married forever wasn’t guaranteed. Arguments can be one of the biggest reasons that end up affecting a couple's long-term happiness. Arguments that lead to divorce tend to cause a divide between partners that are difficult to fix.

Researcher Dr. John Gottman is popularly known for his study of the "Four Horsemen" which are four communication styles that generally predict the end of a relationship. These bad habits — criticism, contempt, defense, and stonewalling — are a peek into some of the toxic communication patterns that can be a sign that a couple may not last.

Unrealistic Expectations

In some situations, spouses may have opinions in their head that don’t generally match up with what’s actually going on in their relationship or marriage. This can lead to relationship unhappiness. The statistics show that these unrealistic expectations could have consequences. In a Utah State University study, statistics were cited  from a national survey.  45 percent of the study group participants said that unrealistic expectations was the reason why they divorced.


Marrying Too Young

In the United States, the average age of marriage has trended up in recent years. Where your parents might have been married at 22, the recent two generations waited a bit longer to say I do.  Today's national average for a woman to marry for the first time has risen to just under 28 for women and almost 30 for men.  Although this is much older than a few decades ago, it still could be too young for couple to have a lasting marriage. The same survey cited by the Utah State University paper found that 46 percent of the divorcees participating believed they were too young when they got married. They cited being too young as what ultimately led to the divorce.


Served with Divorce Papers Or Need a Divorce? Call Us for Help

Some couples can avoid divorcing  by working hard to repair the relationship. In others, however, it may be a good idea to step away and seek a divorce for sanity’s sake. You may have been blindsided with divorce papers. This can be devestating. But the worst thing to do is to ignore the inevitable. Now is the time to come up with a plan so you can get divorced and move on with your life. If you’re a father considering getting divorced in the Fredericksburg area, the Bramble Law Firm can help. Together we can work on deciding on the best option for you and what steps you must take to get your divorce over with.

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