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Tori D. Bramble

Experienced Fredericksburg Child Custody Attorney

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I'm Tori. I'm unafraid and equipped to handle your legal challenges when you're going through a divorce, custody battle, or financial troubles.


Licensed both in Virginia and Maryland, I have 10+ years of legal know-how to help you win in the courtroom. I've gone to court with many good people, focusing on divorce, custody, visitation, and related family law issues.  My friendly, but no-nonsense approach during negotiations and in the courtroom serves my clients well.  I'm always focused on making sure my clients leave me better than I found them and go on to experience happiness and clarity when their legal case is over.

Born and raised in New York City, I'm a member of a multigenerational law enforcement family.  I  grew up in New York City and was raised by her single father. Because of my life path, I uniquely understand what you're going through and how kids feel when they're in the middle of a custody battle.

Authentic Advocacy for Fathers

Why am I focused on helping fathers?  I'm a lawyer to fathers because I know men deserve a fair shot in family court where women get custody most of the time. It's not because I dislike women (after all, I am one). But I fight for the “underdog.”

I realize most people would rather handle their family disputes privately and quickly. I know you want to minimize the negative impact of the separation and divorce on your kids.  I believe that since all families custom made, creative legal solutions are a top priority.

My Education & Experience

I have bachelor's and law degrees from Syracuse University and George Mason Law School. While there, I interned at the Alexandria Commonwealth Attorney and was a Fairfax Circuit Court judicial intern.

Tori is focused on helping people overcome difficult family and financial troubles. She’s helped thousands of individuals through divorces, custody battles, and got clients out of crushing debt by helping good people file for bankruptcy.

My Other Practice Areas

In addition to divorce, custody, and visitation matters, I am a bankruptcy attorney and administrative law attorney.  I also file personal injury cases, such as auto accidents and wrongful death.


That being said, if you're overwhelmed with debt after a divorce or job loss, I can help you. If you need to maintain a security clearance, I can help you.  If you've been in a car accident, I can help you.

Give me a call and let's see what can do together to get what you want and deserve.

Put Tori’s experience to work for you today. Call the office at 540-628-7340 to schedule an appointment to meet with Attorney Tori Bramble.

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