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When Does Child Support End In Virginia?

It’s pretty obvious when child support payments begin for a child. But when does your child support end? While many people think that Virginia child support payments come to an end when your kid turns 18, this isn’t always the case. In Virginia, child support payments could stop before that time or could be required even after your child turns 18.


Ending and Extending Child Support Payments

There are five common ways that child support payments end in Virginia:

  • Your child turns 18 years of age.

  • Your child graduates from high school.

  • Your child marries.

  • Your child dies.

  • Your child has a disability but is over 18

As you can see, depending on the circumstances, you could be required to make child support payments after the child turns 18 or you could make a move to legally end child support legally before your child reaches 18 years old. For example, if your child has a serious disability and is unable to support themselves, you may be required to continue paying support even after they turn 18. On the other hand, if your child marries at 17 and begins his or her own life, you .ask the court to stop your child support payments

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Other Factors That Do and Do Not Affect Child Support

There are two additional ways that you may be able to lower or eliminate child support payments.  If you can show you’re going through extreme financial hardship like suddenly losing your job or have a serious illness, your payments may be reduced to a payment that you still can afford. If you’re willing to terminate all parental rights, you no longer may be required to pay child support. But realize that this means you no longer have a right to visitation or involvement in making decisions about choosing schools, where your child lives, and health care. And most men don’t want to give up rights to their kids. This would be a drastic decision that can negatively affect their child.

One myth about child support in Virginia is that remarriage means you no longer have to pay child support to your ex-spouse. This isn’t true. Even if you get married to someone with their own kids, you’re still required to pay child support until one of the five life events talked about earlier happens.


Questions About Your Child Support Obligations?

Do you have a question about when your financial obligations and child support payments should or will end? Tori Bramble and her team can help you review and change existing child support orders or get you a new child support order no matter your marital status.

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