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Getting sick shouldn’t leave you in a bind, but our medical system is set up to do just that.

A medical emergency can ambush you when you least expect it and usually can make you feel like it’s too much to handle on your own.


If you are in Fredericksburg, Virginia and you’ve been handed a warrant in debt because of your overdue medical bills don’t wait for it to get worse, get help from The Bramble Law Firm today.

Don’t Let Things Go from Bad To Worse

Act now to take care of your medical bills so they don’t pile up. If you’re reading this page, your medical bills are probably with a collection agency and you’ve been hit with a lawsuit. If you ignore it, your situation will get worse.  You can avoid a wage garnishment or further lawsuits if you get help now. 

Don’t Use Your Credit Cards to Pay Medical Bills

If you can avoid it, don’t use credit cards to pay off your medical debt if you can’t afford to pay it back.  It will become a never-ending cycle with interest increasing your credit card balances.  You may think you’re reducing your debt, but all you’re really doing is putting a band aid on an already stressful situation. There are better ways to handle your medical debt.

Get Help With Your Medical Bills

When you have a large medical debt, it’s not hard to feel helpless, like you have no real options to get yourself out from under your medical bills. Don’t let that fear stop you: you have choices. 

At The Bramble Law Firm, we’re dedicated to empowering you to make good, well thought out decisions about your financial future no matter what your situation. 

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