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Do Your Kids Believe You Care?

Father-Focused Family Law Defense


Here you won't be just another case. Instead you'll receive my undivided focus as you go through this emotional legal process.


Raised by a single father, I always provide advice based on personal experience.


Coming back stronger after a divorce and custody process requires a new way of thinking. I'll help you recover, physically, emotionally, and financially.

How Our Fredericksburg Men's Divorce Law Attorneys Can Help You

We take fathers like you from blindsided to brave during the divorce and custody process. You may be coming to us because your loved one is going through a family crisis. We care and listen to your situation and legal problems. We help you explore and plan practical options that work best for you and your kids. We walk with you on the path forward towards the next exciting chapter of your life with dignity and the least amount of drama and disruption.

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Divorce Filing & Hearing Process in Fredericksburg

A divorce means they’ll be major changes in not just your life, but your kid’s life. The Virginia divorce process may lead to negotiations  and agreements over child and spousal support, custody, and property division.

Before the couple can decide on these important issues, however, they first have to file for divorce in the Circuit Court and take usually complicated and correct steps to finish the process. If you’re pursuing a divorce or defending against one, feel free to use the following information as a guide. Contact Fredericksburg lawyer Tori Bramble to learn more about the divorce process for help today.

Divorce Mediation in Fredericksburg

When two people are going through a divorce, typically there’s a lot of conflict. If there wasn’t conflict and disagreement, they wouldn’t be getting divorced. Getting through divorce and fighting for custody is an emotional process.  You’ll have to make decisions about your soon-to-be-ex spouse about how and if you’ll share child custody, dividing your joint assets, child support amounts, and much more. Finding a solution to resolve your disagreements has to happen. For couples who want to keep their personal business private and resolve their disputes outside of court, divorce mediation in Fredericskburg can be a good option for you.


Get Help From Our Domestic Violence Lawyers in Fredericksburg

Virginia has domestic violence laws that protect people that are abuse victims from suffering abuse at the hands of their partner or spouse. This includes male victims of domestic abuse. Domestic abuse can happen in the form of physical, psychological or sexual actions. And harassment and stalking behaviors, and destroying personal property, also file under domestic violence laws.


Experienced Fredericksburg Area Child Custody Modification Attorney

Happy Family

A court can modify or change an existing Virginia child custody order to show a new and major change in family circumstances since making it’s initial custody decision. The court can also modify the child custody order if the court believes the change considerably impacts the child’s best interests and welfare.


Mom and Son

Making important decisions about your family's future can be hard -- and finding out about the legal ways that you can use to make changes happen can also be even more difficult. These frequently asked questions are here to help those who are learning about filing for child support in Fredericksburg.


Ways of Establishing Paternity in Virginia

Family Time

The rules to establish paternity in Virginia differ. It depends on whether a child’s mother is married or unmarried when the baby is born. Paternity means fatherhood. 

If you aren’t married to your child’s mother, paternity has to be established before you will be legally recognized as the father and get custody and visitation rights to your son or daughter.

How Can We Help You



Our Lawyers will advise and protect what matters to you.



Bramble Law will help you make the best financial decisions during divorce.

For Your Family

Going through family court process can be unfamiliar and scary. No matter the situation or ex-partner you're facing, we'll help you every step of the way to make the best decisions and get the best outcome possible.

For Your Finances

Divorce could cause you financial chaos. Don’t go through the family court process without a clear head and a strong team behind you. There are many pitfalls and traps to avoid. Let us help you.

Why Choose Us?

We’re an out-of-the-box thinking law firm committed to helping men get equal parenting time and protecting their family’s financial and mental well-being.


We’re action-oriented lawyers with legal and real world know how. We problem solve, crush chaos and get results so you can move on with your life


We’re responsive, strategists and advocates. We stand by our clients. Our incourt experience helps you every step of the way.


We see the big picture and know every case is unique. We hear and understand what you’re going through from family to finances.


We create a specialized plan to help you protect your rights to your child, assets, and peace of mind.


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